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Sannarah seafood restaurant the first in the southern region since 1996, and the first in its various services and distinguish,Just sit back and relax and try tasting the fruits of the sea from the hands of the most skilled chefs around the world in an environment that move you from crowd of the life to wind of the sea ... where luxury and originality

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Our Branches


Sannarah – Khamis Mushayat

Tel : 0172211891 8

Sannarah – Khamis Mushayat – Al-Madinah Road

Tel : 0172577575 4597c948-2830-423b-a45d-6411add31051

Sannarah – Abha

Tel : 0172295656 ba76f50b-e77c-4c69-b918-287d16c9b975

Sannarah – Jeddah

Tel : 0126551234 image